About Our Regional Nodes

Our six first foundational regional nodes are all organizations/networks that have a fundamental belief in collaboration: that we’ll get further faster by working together. Each of these regional nodes have deep roots in their communities and are actively connecting and building their ecosystems. They have each decided to roll up their sleeves to help to build this new pan-Canadian network, by revealing and showcasing local assets and by bridging to each other to learn. Over this initial period, they are lending their leadership to the stewardship group to help set the strategy for how we build SI Canada.

We’d love to welcome new nodes as regional partners who are equally committed to helping to strengthen this emerging network. Nodes should be:

  • building capacity locally, regionally and nationally on social innovation by supporting innovators
  • engaging in ecosystem building
  • connected into a local ecosystem and have existing regional networks
  • focused on social innovation in its broadest understanding
  • open to working collaboratively
  • have a strong commitment to inclusive innovation that works towards justice, equity, diversity and inclusion
  • aligned in terms of mission and strategy
  • working on systems change

British Columbia

RADIUS builds programs to collaboratively develop, test, and accelerate innovative responses to tough social problems. Drawing on this leading edge work, we also offer training, events and educational opportunities to build collective capacity to respond to the challenges of our time.

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ABSI Connect seeks to bridge and amplify social, economic and ecological impact initiatives that are successfully challenging the status quo in Alberta, to transform the way we address our province’s most complex challenges.

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Since 2012, like minded organizations have been working along side each other in a renovated warehouse in North Point Douglas. We like to think of this space as an ecosystem. While each tenant is focused on their own mission, we all support each other, creating a strong network of organizations working together to affect change in Manitoba.

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The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) aspires to be the best place on earth to be a social innovator. Period. We offer coworking, community and acceleration services to people who are changing the world. Members get special rates on meeting and event spaces, promotional opportunities, networking and community, free consultations with experts, access to capital, and much more.

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La Maison de l’innovation sociale (MIS) appuie et soutient toute personne et organisation qui veut contribuer à la société en trouvant des solutions aux grands défis sociaux et environnementaux de notre monde d’aujourd’hui. À la MIS, nous stimulons et soutenons l’émergence de nouveaux acteurs de changement et « entreprenants » sociaux au Québec.

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Atlantic Canada

We tackle tough social problems by bringing together residents, governments, community organizations, and businesses in a way that honours their unique perspectives and valuable contributions. Despite many efforts to address systemic issues facing Nova Scotia, we know we can do better—by capitalizing on our collective strength and working cooperatively with respect, trust and transparency. This is what Inspiring Communities is all about.

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Our current nodes are all activating their communities: mapping their ecosystems, bringing people together and building their capacity. They help to signpost and navigate this landscape. They are bridges to a range of local, regional and national communities.