Connecting Canada’s Social Innovation Ecosystem

Social Innovation Canada (SI Canada) is an initiative to connect social innovation practitioners, build the capacity of the sector, and to elevate this work in Canada and beyond.

Stories from the frontlines of social impact

“A robust, connected, social innovation ecosystem will inspire new efforts to illuminate relationships between social innovators, bringing together key parts so they can combine to create a much greater whole.”

– 2017 Feasibility Study Participant

Our work

Data and Stories

Build a platform to aggregate data and stories that help social innovators demonstrate evidence of their impact. Once a solid collaborative infrastructure is in place, SI Canada will experiment with the UN Global Goals as an organizing framework to help align these stories

Navigation, Wayfinding, and Connection

Create pathways into the social innovation field that make it easier for social innovators to find each other and build connections. We're mapping the sector using taxonomies relevant to social innovation.

Capacity Building

SI Canada will ensure the social innovation community has the information and assets to they need to implement established and emergent systems of social innovation and social finance. We’ll create the conditions for social innovators to: build multi-sectoral collaborations, test and experiment with new ideas, pool resources, and attract new donors and investors.

Aligning for Action

With the first three in place, it will enable social innovation organizations and funders to collaborate on approaches to social problems that are proven or promising, develop better products and services, scale their impact and evaluate progress. This is where we see a fundamental shift to collaboration and impact.

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