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    What Tonya’s Reading: Impact: Six Patterns To Spread Your Social Innovation

    These thoughts were originally published in June 2018 by Centre for Social Innovation: “Yesterday, on my reading marathon, I finished Impact: Six Patterns To Spread Your Social Innovation by my dear friend and mentor Al Etmanski. There is so much to love in this beautiful book, but the parts that sung for me were about the power of ‘passionate amateur’ and the great great material around moving policy forward. Truthfully, Al’s pure existence makes me so happy and the fact that occasionally I get a prod from him in the form of a poem or nudge, simply makes me sparkle. He truly embodies the balance of Power and Love referenced…

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    Important Moments for Canadian Social Innovation in 2018

    This was a important year for social innovation in Canada. The biggest news is probably that the federal government announced an $805M investment in social innovation, the importance of which can not be overstated. But that funding exists because Canada has already become a global leader in social innovation, thanks to work being done from coast to coast by social innovators and organizations everywhere. As we begin this new year, we’re looking back on some of the important moments and learnings from 2018 that will help shape the year ahead.   The Social Innovation and Social Finance Committee Releases Their Policy Report A 17-person committee appointed by ESDC from government…

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    2018 Highlights from Inspiring Communities in Atlantic Canada

    In October, on the edge of the CCEDNet national Conference, EconoUs2018, 40+ community development organizations, innovators, entrepreneurs and academics gathered to learn more about the Social Innovation Canada project and its impact in Atlantic Canada. They came with questions about timelines, resources and governance and all those in the room reinforced the importance for work in this region to be led with intentional collaboration. To that end, our team has had the privilege of travelling across the region this fall to connect, deepen relationships, and better understand the supports that would be useful for contributors to this field. In New Brunswick we gathered stories to share about the supports that the…

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    What Tim’s Reading: How Does Social Innovation Contribute to, or Bang Into, Previous Generations of Social Change Thinking?

    Although discrete social innovations have been around since time immemorial, the field of social innovation has only gained significant profile in the last couple of decades. How does social innovation contribute to, or bang into, previous generations of social change thinking? That is the tension that two recent and connected articles grapple with. The first by Marilyn Struthers, “At odds or an opportunity? Exploring the tension between the social justice and social innovation narratives” appeared in The Philanthropist on March 19, 2018. Struthers reflected on her work at Ryerson University as the first chair in social innovation. “Fundamentally,” says Struthers, “how we organize for social change evolves over time. In…

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    ABSI Connect End of Year Updates

    From our friends at ABSI Connect: Season’s greetings from Alberta Social Innovation Connect (ABSI Connect)! I’ve enjoyed getting to know many incredible Albertan change-makers over the past few months. Here are a few end-of-year updates, stories, and resources. Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season, Naomi Mahaffy ABSI Connect Facilitator

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    (Many) Big Updates on Social Innovation Canada

    Hey Social Innovators! We’ve been busy!! And though you haven’t heard from us, it’s only because we have been so focused on getting it all done and lining up the ducks to respond to the amazing and exciting changes that are afoot in our communities and our country. You may have noticed the federal government’s announcements of an $805M investment into social innovation and social finance? Amazing to even have the words ‘social innovation’ show up in an economic statement, never mind actually making such a significant investment. And as you will see below, we have also been working with our amazing partners at the regional and local level to…

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    Social Innovation Canada: Aligning for Action

    The opportunity to nurture transformational impact in our communities is at our fingertips. After years of actors from across sectors working to build awareness of and capacity for social innovation, in November 2018, Canada’s federal government announced $800M in social finance funding. This is incredibly strong validation that social innovation, combined with the financing needed to create social, environmental and financial returns, makes real, lasting and tangible social impact possible. As the challenges facing our communities continue to mount in complexity and scale, the need for social innovation has never been greater. Those doing the work whether on the front lines of service delivery, working in academia, within government and…

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    Findings From The Field: Engaging the Canadian Social Innovation Ecosystem

    Over the fall and winter of 2017/2018, a group of social innovation practitioners set out on a listening and learning journey across Canada with a key question: how might we work collaboratively to unlock the potential of social innovation in Canada? The engagement team heard loud and clear from over 750 practitioners from across communities and sectors from coast to coast: there is a strong desire to better work together, but the field is distributed, disconnected and not very well coordinated. There are bold ideas but they are not scaling. Individuals and organizations working to affect social and environmental change are seeking greater capacity-building and other supports that will help…

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    Unlocking Canadian Social Innovation

    From Centre for Social Innovation: “With historic new federal investments for social innovation coming down the pipe, we’re re-sharing our CEO’s over-view of the social innovation landscape in Canada. Drawing on decades of experience on the front-lines of social innovation, “Unlocking Canadian Social Innovation” was produced for Innovation, Science and Economic Development and submitted to Employment & Social Development Canada: Social Innovation and Social Finance Co-creation Committee Consultation Process. The paper takes an inclusive approach to social innovation that spans systems change, social entrepreneurship and culture. This paper will do three things: 1) offer frameworks to understand social innovation; 2) explore the importance of social innovation ecosystems to the success…

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    Centre for Social Innovation Presents: Impact Fest 2018

    Join us for Impact Fest! The Centre for Social Innovation would like to invite you to Impact Fest on November 21st starting at 3 pm at CSI Annex! The world is converging to advance the Global Sustainable Development Goals. Social enterprises are providing choices for you to make a positive impact on our planet. Join us and discover new products and services that put people and planet first. Social entrepreneurs will connect with companies who are interested in your product or service offering, meet new potential collaborators, mentors, co-founders, funders, volunteers, and friends! Take part in workshops, group activities, discussions and networking. Spots are limited so RSVP now to attend.…