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    Maybe is a Podcast About the Messy Reality of Social Innovation

    Maybe is a podcast series inspired by individuals who are tackling critical issues and challenges in communities across Canada. Specifically, it’s about people who have participated in a very special program called Getting to Maybe: A Social Innovation Residency, inspired by the Canadian book and social innovation phenomenon of the same name. SI Canada spoke to Host and Producer Cheryl Rose about her work in social innovation, the podcast, and where its going in 2019. What is the Maybe podcast? “This podcast is about what it’s really like to work for social innovation in very complex contexts; the messiness and uncertainty that is often part of this work. These stories…

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    Important Moments for Canadian Social Innovation in 2018

    This was a important year for social innovation in Canada. The biggest news is probably that the federal government announced an $805M investment in social innovation, the importance of which can not be overstated. But that funding exists because Canada has already become a global leader in social innovation, thanks to work being done from coast to coast by social innovators and organizations everywhere. As we begin this new year, we’re looking back on some of the important moments and learnings from 2018 that will help shape the year ahead.   The Social Innovation and Social Finance Committee Releases Their Policy Report A 17-person committee appointed by ESDC from government…

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    ABSI Connect End of Year Updates

    From our friends at ABSI Connect: Season’s greetings from Alberta Social Innovation Connect (ABSI Connect)! I’ve enjoyed getting to know many incredible Albertan change-makers over the past few months. Here are a few end-of-year updates, stories, and resources. Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season, Naomi Mahaffy ABSI Connect Facilitator

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    ABSI: Integrating Social Innovation Into Organizations

    BY TORI D’AVELLA In my time as an ABSI Connect fellow, I went around Calgary asking a broad question: What can organizations — for profit and nonprofit — do to integrate, support and practice social innovation? I spoke with organizations interested in, but struggling to do this and others who successfully integrate social innovation in the bedrock of their organization. This post reflects and honours their learning (and mine) about what it takes for an organization to embrace and integrate social innovation. SIT WITH THE WHY. Why does your organization care about social innovation? Why does your organization want to integrate social innovation? Does it want to use it as an approach?…