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    Social Innovation Canada: Aligning for Action

    The opportunity to nurture transformational impact in our communities is at our fingertips. After years of actors from across sectors working to build awareness of and capacity for social innovation, in November 2018, Canada’s federal government announced $800M in social finance funding. This is incredibly strong validation that social innovation, combined with the financing needed to create social, environmental and financial returns, makes real, lasting and tangible social impact possible. As the challenges facing our communities continue to mount in complexity and scale, the need for social innovation has never been greater. Those doing the work whether on the front lines of service delivery, working in academia, within government and…

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    Findings From The Field: Engaging the Canadian Social Innovation Ecosystem

    Over the fall and winter of 2017/2018, a group of social innovation practitioners set out on a listening and learning journey across Canada with a key question: how might we work collaboratively to unlock the potential of social innovation in Canada? The engagement team heard loud and clear from over 750 practitioners from across communities and sectors from coast to coast: there is a strong desire to better work together, but the field is distributed, disconnected and not very well coordinated. There are bold ideas but they are not scaling. Individuals and organizations working to affect social and environmental change are seeking greater capacity-building and other supports that will help…

  • Ontario,  Social Innovation

    Unlocking Canadian Social Innovation

    From Centre for Social Innovation: “With historic new federal investments for social innovation coming down the pipe, we’re re-sharing our CEO’s over-view of the social innovation landscape in Canada. Drawing on decades of experience on the front-lines of social innovation, “Unlocking Canadian Social Innovation” was produced for Innovation, Science and Economic Development and submitted to Employment & Social Development Canada: Social Innovation and Social Finance Co-creation Committee Consultation Process. The paper takes an inclusive approach to social innovation that spans systems change, social entrepreneurship and culture. This paper will do three things: 1) offer frameworks to understand social innovation; 2) explore the importance of social innovation ecosystems to the success…

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    Centre for Social Innovation Presents: Impact Fest 2018

    Join us for Impact Fest! The Centre for Social Innovation would like to invite you to Impact Fest on November 21st starting at 3 pm at CSI Annex! The world is converging to advance the Global Sustainable Development Goals. Social enterprises are providing choices for you to make a positive impact on our planet. Join us and discover new products and services that put people and planet first. Social entrepreneurs will connect with companies who are interested in your product or service offering, meet new potential collaborators, mentors, co-founders, funders, volunteers, and friends! Take part in workshops, group activities, discussions and networking. Spots are limited so RSVP now to attend.…

  • Manitoba,  Social Innovation

    The SEC’s post office beginnings

    What we call the Social Enterprise Centre started out as Canadian Pacific Railway Post Office Postal Station A building at 765 Main Street. Most people think of travel or transporting goods when they think of the railway, but one of the most important roles it played was mail delivery. Built in 1924, Postal Station A was an important part of the nationwide mail system. Mail received from across the country, as well as from folks in Winnipeg, was sorted and sent out through this building. The building also included a section called Immigration hall, which was demolished some time after 1969, leaving the structure as we see it today. Mail by…

  • Alberta,  Social Innovation

    ABSI: Integrating Social Innovation Into Organizations

    BY TORI D’AVELLA In my time as an ABSI Connect fellow, I went around Calgary asking a broad question: What can organizations — for profit and nonprofit — do to integrate, support and practice social innovation? I spoke with organizations interested in, but struggling to do this and others who successfully integrate social innovation in the bedrock of their organization. This post reflects and honours their learning (and mine) about what it takes for an organization to embrace and integrate social innovation. SIT WITH THE WHY. Why does your organization care about social innovation? Why does your organization want to integrate social innovation? Does it want to use it as an approach?…

  • Ontario,  Social Innovation

    CSI’s Climate Ventures members are offering real climate solutions

    A recent Globe and Mail editorial put forward an interesting thesis: While our political leaders have largely signed on to the existence of climate change, there is now a rampant denial of climate solutions: Climate solutions are frequently attacked by politicians and media pundits who acknowledge the problem, but offer no alternative. Canada has not only entered a new era of climate policy – we’ve entered a new era of denial. CSI, however, is taking concrete action. This autumn, we launched Climate Ventures, an incubator for climate entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders. Climate Ventures is all aboutclimate solutions. From farming to fashion, our members are building the low-carbon economy and a better future for all.…

  • British Columbia,  Social Innovation

    Radius: Introducing the latest Trampoline cohort for the Health Promotion Lab.

    It’s with much excitement that we introduce the latest Trampoline cohort for the Health Promotion Lab! This group of entrepreneurs are approaching health promotion from every angle – from supplying nutritious food without waste and encouraging new demographics to embrace fitness, all the way to recording health info, connecting healthcare providers, and bringing the latest science lab insights to the wider community in engaging ways. The cohort only launched a few weeks ago, and already they are building their ideas as prototypes and supporting each other with connections, community support, and actionable advice. By bringing together a cohort focused on health, Trampoline provides a safe space to test and grow…

  • Jobs,  Ontario

    Implementation Specialist

    GrantBook is looking for a talented and highly productive Implementation Specialist to work closely with a host of leading grantmakers across North America. The successful candidate will join GrantBook’s growing team based out of the Centre for Social Innovation (Annex) in Toronto, ON. Ideally, the candidate will be based in Toronto, ON; however, strong candidates based in philanthropic hubs, including the U.S. Northeast, Detroit, Chicago, and the West Coast may also be considered. To learn more about GrantBook’s expertise, team, services, and philosophy, please refer to our website: www.grantbook.org. Responsibilities The Implementation Specialist is responsible for researching, recommending and assisting with the implementation of cloud solutions for grants management and related functional…

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    Thinking Ahead: Making the Most of Your Strategic Planning Process

    A day long training workshop with Sally Fazal and Lynn Fergusson of Social Impact Advisors (www.socialimpactadvisors.ca), an organization which works with not-for-profit organizations, foundations and companies to define and focus on the social impact they aim to achieve, and develop the strategies and actions to make it happen. The goal for the day will be to take a fresh look at strategic planning that’s inspiring, energizing and productive. You’ll learn about how to connect strategic planning with your impact in the world – developing plans that are clear, doable and make a difference. Get Tickets